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Allegiant Airlines is one of the most cost-effective airlines for billions of people and is considered the 14th largest commercial airline in North America. It has been serving the best class flight services since 1997 and continues to charm leisure travelers.

What are the destinations covered by Allegiant Airlines?

This airline serves 129 travel destinations in the United States. Some of his major domestic markets are Florida, Las Vegas, Arizona, Fort Myers, Nevada, Clearwater, Sanford, etc.

How to book cheap flight tickets at Allegiant Airline?

As claimed, Allegiant Airlines provides the most affordable flight experience at present. You can also enjoy this ultra-low fare flight experience by following the steps given below:

What are the optional services and fees at Allegiant Airlines?

At Allegiant Airline, you will always get the cheapest flights, but if you are willing to add some additional services, then you can definitely have them for some extra fees. These fees could be applicable as per person, or segment or both.

Some optional services and fees include seat selection, priority access, food & beverages, pet-in- cabin, trip flex, cancellation, and many more. If you are willing to check these extra fees, then you can check them on the official website of Allegiant Airline. You can find the link to this information right below the flight booking form on the homepage.

What are the checked bag fees and policy of Allegiant Airline?

You would be charged in the 'per segment' method for checked and carry-on bags. You can only carry 2 bags into the cabin, which can be a personal item and a carry-on bag, and both the bags should match the given height and weight of the airline.

You can only take one free personal item like a purse or backpack, which should not be more than 7*15*16 inches. For a carry-on bag, you will be charged extra fees of 10-75 dollars, and it could be a roll-abroad or garment bag, not more than 9*14*22 inches. You can also have 4 checked bags per person which will be limited to 18 kilos.

How to select a seat on the flights of Allegiant Airlines?

You can easily select your desired seats while purchasing the flight tickets for the travel destination. But just in case you are not selecting while purchasing the tickets, then you will be automatically assigned a seat while check-in.

Only if you are performing online check-in can you view and change the seat as per your requirement by visiting the 'manage travel' section. Please note that you cannot change the seat offline or print the boarding pass.

How to check-in for a flight from Allegiant Airline?

Allegiant Airline offers both online and offline check-in, but it is always advisable to choose the online check-in as in offline check-in, you will be charged an extra 5 dollars for checking in and printing boarding passes.

The Allegiant mobile application is advisable to second from the website or get free paperless boarding passes.