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Frontier Airlines is considered the largest flyer that covers more than 100 destinations across the United States and has employed 3000 staff. People love to fly with Frontier because of its low cost and excellent customer service. Read more to learn about Frontier Airlines baggage policy, check-in policy, etc.!

What is the baggage policy at Frontier Airlines?

How to book with Frontier Airlines?

Follow these guidelines to book a Frontier Airlines flight:

  1. Visit the official website or the Frontier App
  2. Go to the flights booking section
  3. Choose the date and location
  4. Choose the preferred airport
  5. Click on the flight you wish to travel in
  6. Pay by adding your debit or credit card
  7. Confirm and keep the confirmation in your email

How to Check-in with Frontier Airlines in a few quick and easy steps?

You can check-in by following these methods:

  1. Online (through the web or mobile) - You can check-in through the website or the app easily where your flight is visible
  2. Via priority check-in
  3. At the airport kiosk- You can get assistance from Frontier Desk, where you can also choose your preferred seat and get your boarding pass printed.
  4. At Frontier Airlines airport counter-You can get assistance at the airport counter or the curbside, which is located on the drop-off point of the airport.
  5. At the self-check-in kiosk- All you have to do is put your relevant information and choose your preferred seat. Then, you shall get your boarding pass printed from there itself. Then, you can head directly to the departure gate and get ready to leave!

When is online check-in not possible?

Online check-ins are not possible in the following cases:

How can you check in with your Mobile?

Follow these steps to check in with your mobile:

After checking in, you can save your boarding pass on your device.

You can use the Frontier Airlines mobile app to:

When can you board the flight with Frontier Airlines?

You can choose to board the flight between 24 hours to 30 minutes before the flight. If you are checking in online, make sure you reach the airport 2 hours before the boarding time to get the time to check in without any delays.

When should you travel with Frontier Airlines so that it’s cheaper?

According to the surveys, it has been seen that Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the cheapest days of the week. Therefore, if you are planning a trip, make sure you book at least two months before the date of traveling as this will help you to avail yourself discounts and offers on flight tickets.

What should you not carry with you on flights?

Make sure to read all the relevant guidelines before availing of services offered by Frontier Airlines!