Southwest Airlines Reservations : Book Flight Tickets

Southwest Airlines is a significant flyer in the United States, which is considered a low-cost carrier. The main port is in Dallas, Texas, connected to more than 120 destinations across the United States and other countries. Read more to know how to book Southwest Airlines flights, Check-in policies, etc.!

What are the ways to book Southwest Airlines flights?

You can either opt for official website booking or Southwest App booking to book flights with us. Follow these steps to know how to book quickly:

  1. Make sure you open Google chrome or the App where you can head to the official portal of Southwest Airlines.
  2. Go to the booking tap on the portal
  3. Go to the home page
  4. Choose your destination and the city
  5. Enter your personal information, and you will have to pay for your tickets
  6. Click on the confirmation
  7. Make sure you keep the confirmation handy while checking-in

How can you contact Southwest airlines?

Ensure you contact the helpline in case of query relating to the flights or any of their products as they are available round the clock to help you!

Southwest Airlines Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you are trying to change your airline or the flight to the same airline. You will be charged for the same right away. However, if you are trying to change or cancel on the same day, 24 hours, you shall not be charged. You can try to change the timing by informing hr assistance as soon as possible to avail vouchers and offers for your next flights.

These are the steps to Cancel Business/ Anytime tickets:

  • You can cancel Business Select / Anytime tickets - You shall be receiving some refund or can hold the value of the ticket as a travel fund. This ticket will be refundable but make sure you read the conditions.
  • You can cancel Wanna Get Away tickets - You shall be receiving some travel funds but not money.
  • You can head over to Southwest Airlines
  • Choose your travel check-in options
  • You shall receive a boarding pass
  • You can get it printed on your own or get the desk assistance to the same.

If you wish to learn how to get Southwest Airlines points:

  1. You can buy Southwest Rapid Rewards
  2. Add the points to your reservation by clicking Flight/hotel/Car at the top corner
  3. Go towards Manage Reservations, and you can look up your flight
  4. Then finally, add the Rapid Rewards.

Sign in to your account, and then you will find manage reservations where you can buy or transfer points.

These are the following information that you need to put into the account:

  • Your first, middle, and last name
  • Your Rapid Rewards Number to list out
  • Government Photo ID, any identification ID
  • Passport for international travel and other documents
  • Need to check-in 24 hours of departure.
  • Add your credit or debit card details to your account

Make sure you read the relevant guidelines before availing of services by Southwest Airlines!