Privacy Policy

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Cheapticketsbooking keeps the privacy and confidentiality of the users at top priority as per the Data protection act and other relevant legalities. Privacy policies are subject to amendment and hence it is advised to our users that you must read all the contents of the policies carefully before engaging with the website to avoid and future disputes. Therefore, users should read all the policies, and if you do not agree with any of the policies, you can leave or avoid the website.

Modifications or Alteration in Privacy Policies

We shall be updating and changing our privacy policies as per our discretion. Therefore, we advise all our users to check the updated privacy policies from time to time to have full knowledge of the website.

General Information We Collect from the Website

We collect personal information from our users while logging in, such as Address, contact number, email id, and address. During the payment of the service availed, the user shall be required to put in the credit or debit details. You shall note that this information will not be shared but shall be subject to the discretion of any authorities as asked.

Social Media Information We Collect

We collect social media information such as

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Facebook Ads conversion tracking
  3. Google Tag Manager, Cookies,
  4. Unique devices identification for advertisements
  5. Browsing information
  6. Network service provider data

Data Usage:

We collect data from our users as it helps us upgrade and utilize the data more efficiently to improve our payment gateway and our user’s experience on the website.

What data do we share?

We reserve the right to collect the data but shall not share or keep the consumer’s right at the stake of their privacy until and unless:

In case of legal engagement and authorities instructs any such material from us. We shall not be responsible for the same. We can use the information for marketing and campaign purposes.

Data Protection Act Norms that users are entitled to

You reserve rights, and we shall abide by them, which are listed down below:

We recommend all our users to read the website’s policy before purchasing or availing of our products and service from time to time.