Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions of Cheapticketbooking have been laid down in this terms and conditions agreement. Please understand and go through all the website’s content so that you are aware and assured about the guidelines followed by the company. Your availing of Cheapticketbooking services shall automatically mean your approval and consent to the terms of the company’s policy.

Compliance of Terms

You agree and acknowledge that by logging in and creating an account with the website, you accept the terms and conditions of the company as stated in this agreement and other relevant policies of the company.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

We have the right to change, modify, alter and update our terms and conditions as per our discretion. It shall be uploaded on the website, and it shall be the user’s responsibility to check the terms and conditions of the website from time to time; we do not have any obligation to notify our users.

Third-Party Website Links:

Our website contains third-party links, and we shall not be responsible for any such third-party goods and services. You are advised to read their policies and understand that in no way is our company liable for the damage caused by any third-party linkage.

Content Usage

You are liable for the content and the information you put on our website. You cannot in any way destroy, mutilate, or degrade the image of the users. You cannot copy, duplicate or imitate any other person or company as it shall initiate legal actions against the user.

Product Price and Payment Mechanism

You agree and accept that the product’s pricing as defined and shown on the website shall be according to the company’s discretion. We reserve the right to change the prices as per our availability, industry standards, and discretion. We do not have any hidden costs and shall be totally transparent to the users about the costs of the flights booked on the website. You are required to check and be aware of the prices as displayed on the website. However, we are under no obligation to notify our users about the changed prices.


You agree to indemnify us from any third party or user claims pertaining to any user of our services which shall be inclusive of but not limited to the company’s agents, staff, and employees of Cheapticketbooking.

Intellectual Property Rights

You cannot mutilate, destroy, use or copy our Intellectual property trademarks, copyrights and logos. You shall be punishable for the same as per the governing law, which might lead to a legal suit and monetary compensation.

Please read all the relevant policies of the website before engaging with our Company’s website and services.