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Los Angeles is a pretty culturally diverse city known for being the creative center of America. Visitors will find a thriving culinary scene, superb shopping, incredible museums, and fun family attractions. Tourists enjoying the warm climate and beaches will find various things to do and exciting neighborhoods to explore.

Places to visit in Los Angeles:

Buckhorn Falls:

Located inside the Angeles National Forest, the Buckhorn Falls is at the end of the stunning Burkhart Trail. This periodic waterfall is best visited during rains as the tropical and desert greens and the Buckhorn Creek come to life. Surrounding Buckhorn Falls is the redwood forest and a hiking trail lined with rare Californian wildflowers. This is a popular destination to go horseback riding or mountain biking, or even walking dogs. Buckhorn Falls gives you a picturesque view of the sunset and the L.A. skyline. Just next to the falls is a camping ground where you can stay and enjoy wildlife watching, bonfires, and multi- cuisine food.

Staples Center:

The home stadium of the famous Los Angeles Laker and the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA hosts several events throughout the year. If you're in Los Angeles during the NBA season, and you're into basketball at all, you cannot miss the chance of a game at the Staples Center. It is one of the most famous NBA arenas, and the atmosphere on game day is electric. If you're visiting during the offseason, you might get lucky since the Staples Center is also one of L.A.'s favorite arenas for concerts of international artists, many of whom have performed here more than once like Madonna. The arena has even hosted the Grammys and the VMAs in 2012 and is the only venue that has hosted both ceremonies in the same year. In addition, the Staples Center is a part of the L.A. Live development area, established to serve as a beautiful hub of activities and entertainment.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art:

It is a vast art museum with the most extensive collection in the western United States. It holds over 150,000 works of art from ancient to modern times. This museum became an independent entity in the year 1965, is home to a hugely extensive art collection. The museum hosts permanent exhibitions and a series of temporary art exhibitions, keeping the affair always lively. The museum has several buildings housing its array of permanent exhibitions. The collections include Modern art, American and Latin art, Greek and Roman art, Asian art, and Islamic art. These works encompass all types of art, from paintings to sculptures and statues to manuscripts, and even intricate works in ceramic and metal. It is a must for art lovers.

California Science Center:

The California Science Center opened was reborn under this name in 1998. It was previously called the California Museum of Science and Industry, and in 1998 was renovated, remodeled, and renamed. Today, the museum has a distinct collection of exhibits divided into mainly four fields. First, the Ecosystem was opened recently and is a massive exhibit containing various natural environments, complete with over 400 species of different plants and animals and a large aquarium. Second, the World of Life exhibition shows you a detailed look into the organisms and their functioning. Third, the Creative World has several exciting hands-on exhibits that the kids will love! Finally, it has a massive collection of aircraft and space shuttles, including the Space Shuttle Endeavour, allowing you to close and personal with the vessels that enable humans to fly and take us into space.

Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Attracting about 10 million visitors every year, the Walk of Fame is a tribute to those who have achieved a reputation in the entertainment industry. From actors to directors to musicians and producers, as you walk along this 2 miles long stretch on Hollywood Boulevard, you will find all the notable names in these bronze stars. Some additions to the stars outside the entertainment industry include the basketballer Magic Johnson and the Apollo 11 astronauts. A unique star of the entire walk is that of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. His star is actually on a wall, agreeing to his request that his name not be walked upon. Walk through the popular neighborhood of Hollywood Boulevard, with its restaurants and stores and buzzing atmosphere, and do get yourself clicked with your favorite stars' stars.

Airports in Los Angeles:

  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Ontario International Airport
  • John Wayne Airport

Airlines flying to Los Angeles:

  • Alaska Airlines.
  • American Airlines.
  • Delta Air Lines.
  • United Airlines.

Best Time to visit Los Angeles:

The Prime Time to visit L.A. is from March through May and also between September and November. The air is more breathable, and even the crowds are less stuffy.