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Because of Access to turquoise Caribbean and the azure Pacific, Panama stays tropical throughout the year. Adding excellent beaches and phenomenal natural scenery to that, it's no surprise that it's the most tourist-friendly destinations in Central America.

El Valle de Anton:

It is a stunning little Panamanian village located in the Cocle Province of Central Panama. Encircling by an ancient volcanic caldera, locals have been mounting the hills and swimming here for centuries, making it the most ancient occupied volcanic site on Earth.

Pearl Islands:

Home to native Indians until the 16th-century, the Pearl Islands were then taken over by the Spanish, who invaded in search of pearls, the island's sought-after namesake. As a result, the pearl industry was significant here. They were counted, then registered, and finally shipped from Contadora Island. Most of the activity is for relaxation: sunbathing on one of the many superb beaches, fish, and whale watching, or explore the old shipwreck that lies rusting away on the far side of Playa Larga, Contadora Island's most famous beach.

Volcan Baru:

Volcan Baru is the top peak in Panama, offering some of the most beautiful views over the Costa Rica and the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Located at the Chiriqui Province of the Pacific West, the mountain is best reached at dawn, when you can view the enchanting sunrise from the top. You can ensure that you reach the top in time if you do the following: either start the hike at midnight and hike back later in the day, or you hike up the day before and camp at the Fogones campground near the summit.


For adrenaine junkies, Boquete has focuses on the outdoors, with a suitable temperature throughout the year – given its nickname 'The Land of Eternal Springtime.' It's also called "the Valley of the Flowers" and offers an alternative to the Costa Rica's tourism draws. Go zip-lining through the rainforest or try white water rafting,or hike up the Baru volcano or even trek in search of howler monkeys and resplendent quetzal. Or take your time exploring the region's picturesque coffee plantations sipping on some of the world's best brews.

San Blas Island:

The San Blas Islands are a collection of several islands off the Caribbean coast. They're mostly self-governed by the indigenous Kuna Yala tribe, who speak Tulekaya. Even today, you can view everyday life in an indigenous community where electricity isn't always a given and ATMs are non-existent. So it is recommended to bring plenty of cash for their visit.

Airports in Panama:

  • Achutupo Airport
  • Ailigandi Airport
  • Chame Airport
  • Carti Airport
  • Coiba Airport

Airlines that serve Panama:

  • United
  • Lufthansa
  • Air China
  • Air Canada
  • Air France

Best time to visit Panama:

The prime time to visit Panama is between January and mid-April. This is the driest part of the year and shows off this tropical country at its most stunning. However, it's also worth considering traveling to Panama during the year, where you can experience local events and festivals.